How to Turn Your Front Yard into a Haunted Cemetery for Halloween

If you decide to turn your front yard into a haunted cemetery for Halloween, then you definitely need a lot of imagination and some inspiring ideas in order to keep everyone away out of fear and to make your house the talk of the neighborhood. Needless to say, your Halloween costume must match the decor. If you were planing on dressing up as Batman, you might want to reconsider. Instead, go to and choose a scary costume such as a ghost, a skeleton or something scarier. With that in mind, check out our simple ideas for the ideal front yard Halloween decor:

The tombstones

You can build the tombstones using two materials: plywood and Styrofoam. Determine the size of the tombstone you want to create and also make sure there is enough room to write the epitaph. Trace out the design of the tombstone on your material and cut out the stone. Paint the stone. You can just use a stone texture paint. After the paint has dried, paint the epitaph on the stone with a small brush and black paint. The final step is to attach mounting stakes to the back and place the stone in your yard. Create as many tombstones as you want. The more you will have, the creepier your front yard will look. Nevertheless, if this sounds like too much trouble, you can also create the tombstones out or cardboard. It will look less authentic, but it will help you achieve your goal.

Graveyard accents

With the tombstones in place, it is now the time to add some creepy ambiance to your Halloween graveyard. In order to make it more realistic you must add some creepy accents such as:

  1. Place fake bones, skulls and hands around the graveyard.
  2. Spread fallen leaves around your graveyard.
  3. If it’s possible do not mow the grass for a couple weeks to give it a neglected look.
  4. Leave dead flowers on some of the graves for a frightening décor. Another option would be to get fake flowers and wreaths, which are really cheap, and decorate a few of the graves. However,the black flowers are the best option because they are available during the Halloween season.
  5. In certain shops, you can find scary plastic Halloween figures which can be used to populate your graveyard, but you can also take a more creative approach and buy and dismantle a couple of simple plastic skeletons,and place the bones around the graveyard for an easy “boneyard” look.
  6. Position some lanterns or electric candles in front of the graves and place a plastic spider or two on top of a headstone or a few plastic rats creeping among the graves.
  7. Use a fog machine or dry ice to cloak the graveyard into a blanket of fog. 8.Hang moss on your grave stones and other props.